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Loupe System Black Glossy Carbon Fiber Loupe | 6X

$ 690.00
SKU 17154
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The amazing Loupe System, shown here in black glossy carbon fiber and silicone rubber, consists of 5 multi-coated optical glass elements arranged in 3 groups to create the finest hand-held loupe. The 6X magnification is perfect for any watch or jewelry lover who would like to admire and appreciate the finer details of their collection.

Ref. 01-KCgK 

The Loupe System is designed according to the same principles as a camera lens. The surfaces of each lens have had several special coatings applied to them, which are designed to maximize contrast, color saturation and color fidelity as well as minimize flare. The 6x Model 01 is capable of resolving much more detail than the eye can see (well over 30 lp/mm @ MTF 0.8, versus 5-10 lp/mm at best for the human eye), providing a very bright, contrasted and crystal-clear viewing field from edge to edge. The complete absence of chromatic aberration, combined with the very tight control over geometric distortion, provide a breath-taking viewing experience which has never been achieved before in a hand-held loupe.

The loupe is provided with two interchangeable silicone rubber eyecups. The standard one gives a 40mm-wide viewing field. The alternative flat eyecup places the eye closer to the loupe, thus providing a wider 50mm viewing field. Each loupe is delivered with its alternative silicone rubber eyecup, a microfiber carry pouch, and a hard shell carry case. All elements are packed in an ABS waterproof case, which is enclosed in a cardboard shipping box. A second inner foam set is also included for the ABS shipping case, allowing you to transform it into a four-watch dust-proof, water-proof and crush-proof transport case.


Glossy carbon & silicone rubber

48 mm
45 mm
130 grams
Magnification Type
Standard rubber eyecup
40 mm viewing field
Silicone rubber eyecup
50 mm viewing field