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Louis Erard X Chaykin  The Time Eater II: Dusk to Dawn

Louis Erard

Louis Erard is regarded for creating watches that are original and authentic with strong horological content while embodying today’s essential call for affordability. Based in the heart of 'Watch Valley' in the Jura Mountains, north of the Western Alps, Louis Erard has built a home. This region is admired and respected throughout the world as an epicenter for the foremost Watchmakers.

Revisited, personalized, even exclusive, the movement is the crux of each of Louis Erard's creations. More than a machine, it is the soul of their timepieces. Naturally then, and with a particular fondness for regulators, Erard's Watchmakers return again and again to horological complications, finding new ways to express each one. Regulators, moon phases and other sophisticated chronographs benefit from the manufacturer virtuoso’s care and attention, and from in-house modules which they develop in Le Noirmont.