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Victor Velyan | Colored Metals, Gemstones & Diamond Jewelry

Victor Velyan

Victor Velyan combines colored metals, various gemstone and diamond accents to make bold, vivacious pieces. Velyan's talent and vision, combined with his well-rounded knowledge of the jewelry industry, have placed him at the front of today's ever-growing jewelry market.  Learn more about Victor Velyan.

Victor Velyan is a renowned jewelry designer celebrated for his distinct and artistic creations. His jewelry captures a captivating blend of rustic elegance, where the earthy and the luxurious converge seamlessly. Velyan's signature style often features textured and weathered surfaces, lending a sense of rugged authenticity to his pieces, all while maintaining an unmistakable aura of opulence. He's also known for his innovative use of mixed metals, crafting jewelry that marries elements like gold, silver, and platinum in unconventional and visually arresting ways.

Victor Velyan designs frequently incorporating organic shapes and motifs. Each piece is a testament to handcrafted excellence, as Velyan's commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that every creation is a true work of art. Often produced in limited editions, his jewelry collections are highly coveted by collectors and individuals who value exclusivity and the allure of unconventional, yet luxurious, jewelry design. 

Diopside is a precious stone known for its distinctive green color, as seen in the pink sapphire & chrome diopside earrings.