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The Golden Elephant

Our very special herd of elephants. With their trunk facing up, it's said to bring you energy, wisdom & good luck. Their giant ears flap in the breeze, as they stomp and trumpet with ease. Shop for elephant charrms, unicorns, four leaf clover and green gemstone jewelry & watches.

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The New Zenith DEFY Skyline Skeleton

Zenith is expanding the DEFY Skyline collection with the Zenith DEFY Skyline Skeleton. More structured, more open, more stellar. Shop the ZENITH COLLECTION

OLE LYNGGAARD of Copenhagen

By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court

OLE LYNGGAARD of Copenhagen

Charlotte Lynggaard’s lifelong romance with precious stones of rare hues and gold is poetically expressed in her collection of divine elephants& star collection. Choose from the colorful sweet and dew drop charms. Pair with various leaves and acorns of yellow and rose gold. Designed to be worn in single splendour or in a bouquet of delightful charms.
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