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Gerald Charles

Gerald Charles stands as a distinguished independent, family-owned watch company nestled in the heart of Switzerland. Founded by the illustrious Mr. Gérald Charles Genta, who lent both of his first names to his final brand, the company fosters a profound connection between its creator and his masterpieces. This personal touch infuses each design with its founder's visionary spirit and commitment to excellence.

Each timepiece from Gerald Charles represents a proprietary development, strictly respecting Fleurier Quality Standards. These watches are crafted without compromise, blending the richest traditions with the most advanced technologies of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. This fusion ensures not only superior precision and performance but also exceptional water and shock resistance, alongside outstanding ergonomics on the wrist.

Surpassing the elegance of a traditional dress watch and outperforming a conventional sports watch, Gerald Charles watches are renowned for their comfort and ergonomic fit. Considered among the most comfortable watches to grace the wrist, the Maison’s timepieces are designed to transcend generations and adapt seamlessly to various lifestyles.