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Engagement Rings / Wedding Bands

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At Oster Jewelers, we enjoy nothing more than helping a couple find the perfect engagement ring and wedding band that will start them on their journey together. Or those renewing their vows that meant so much the first time with anniversary rings. For this reason, we have partnered with carefully selected diamond designers that cover the style gamut. From classic, modern, alternative, and glamour. Internationally awarded couture jewelry designers like the vintage inspired designs of Sebastien Barier.  The popular Juliet and Bella diamond ring designs of Katherine James. The earthy and organic designs of Anne Sportun. The youthful and vibrant diamond selections from Parade Designs. The couture creations of Rahaminov Designs. Are you looking for the classical cut round brilliant or the sophistication of an emerald cut? Or maybe you would enjoy the exquisite diamonds of Louis Glick with the copyrighted Starburst cut or the delicate stackable diamond bands from Sethi Couture. If you are wanting to combine design elements or create your own, our in house jewelry designer will be happy to assist and guide you in this one-of-a-kind process.