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Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force | Armin Strom One Week First Edition at Oster Jewelers

Armin Strom

The company Armin Strom AG has been producing its own in-house calibers since 2009. Today, it is a Manufacture, equipped with the most modern machine tools, whose employees produce watches in small series with in-house calibers of the highest quality finishing.  Passion for the craft of watchmaking, striving for technical and aesthetic perfection, modern design and highly manually-orientated movement assembly are the hallmarks of these exclusive, luxury watch products. 

Armin Strom is a distinguished Swiss watchmaker known for its expertise in ‘skeletonized’ timepieces, meaning showing the inner workings and gears of the watch. Established in 1967, the brand blends traditional Swiss craftsmanship with contemporary design, producing precision watches that showcase the inner workings of their movements. With a focus on limited production and in-house components, Armin Strom remains a symbol of Swiss horological excellence, revered for its innovative designs and craftsmanship.

The brand is a pioneer in this open-worked design, allowing enthusiasts to witness the intricate, inner workings of their timepieces. The rose gold and stainless steel contrast in the Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force displays a mix of metals and inner technology. 

Use the Armin Strom watch configurator to custom design your very own watch, then place your personalized timepiece order through Oster Jewelers.  

Oster Jewelers is an Authorized Armin Strom Retail Partner