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Messika Paris | Messika USA

Driven by a desire to create diamond fashion jewelry of unwavering beauty, Valérie Messika created her own jewelry Maison in 2005. In her work, she reinvents the richly symbolic and meaningful stone into a desirable and disruptive object that lends self-confidence to anyone who wears it. Valérie Messika brings a liberating breath of fresh air to the jewelry industry. In her hands, the diamond comes alive: it moves, it dances, it has fun and most importantly, it is never boring.
Messika Paris is Modern Jewelry, synonymous with exquisite jewelry creations that embody sophistication and elegance. Founded by Valérie Messika, the brand has gained international acclaim for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. From timeless diamond necklaces and Messika Paris bracelets to stunning engagement rings, each piece is meticulously crafted to perfection, showcasing the brand's commitment to precision and attention to detail. With a blend of classic elegance and contemporary aesthetics, Messika Paris jewelry creations are a true reflection of luxury and style, making them coveted pieces for those who appreciate the finest in jewelry craftsmanship.  Messika Paris USA
Oster Jewelers offers the Disrupting Diamonds collection including the Messika Paris Kendall Jenner necklace. Discover the captivating allure of the Messika Collection at Oster Jewelers. Known for its modern and innovative designs, this collection features a range of stunning jewelry pieces crafted with exceptional attention to detail. From dazzling diamond bracelets to elegant rings, each piece reflects Messika's commitment to luxury and style. Perfect for those seeking unique and sophisticated jewelry, the Messika Collection offers something for every taste.