Lika Behar Kara Mother of Pearl Necklace

DESIGNER: Lika Behar
ITEM #: 24186


Mother of pearl shines on Lika Behar's long and elegant Kara necklace. The marquise shaped mother of pearl cabochons are bezel set in 24k yellow gold  and dance bewitchingly while stationed suspended between oxidized sterling silver chain. A must have accessory for your favorite casual or evening wear looks. At 38 inches in length it can be worn as a single long strand, or draped for a more dramatic effect. Finished with a lobster clasp. Smaller settings sized approximately 1. 1/4" in length. Largest setting is approximately 2.7/8" in length. 

Ref. KARA-N-115-GXMOR-11

Commonly believed to attract prosperity, Mother of pearl has a long and vibrant far-reaching history in its use in jewelry as well as artifacts. It's earliest recorded use goes as far back to 2600 B.C. It was often used to honor royalty in Mesopotamian times with intricate inlays placed in silver pieces. In Asia it was first found to be in use during the Bronze Age of the Shang Dynasty but it wasn't until the Ming Emperors (1368-1644 AD) that it found its place firmly in society. During that period it was used for everything from furniture, to clothing, and especially jewelry for the upper class. Similar to Mesopotamian culture, Egyptians also used Mother of Pearl to honor high-class citizens or royalty in Egypt. It has been found all throughout ancient pyramids and tombs with one of the most famous ornamental uses of it seen in King Tutankhamen's tomb. It is suspected that it was presented to him as a symbol of protection for the afterlife. Those on a religious pilgrimage were known to bring pieces of Mother of Pearl from the Red Sea back with them as a souvenir to symbolize their journeys. Bethlehem capitalized on this opportunity due to Franciscan monks that taught their craft in the 15th century. This craftmanship has continued into modern day with Mother of Pearl artwork still being a highly regarded industry. In North America it also found its place throughout the Southwest as one of many shells exchanged by inhabiting Native American tribes for more than a thousand years. It was highly regarded in its use for bead making, trade, and adornment. Still popular in its use today, Mother of Pearl is cherished for its mystical nature and ability to strengthen intuition and protect the wearer.

Brand Lika Behar
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