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Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer RG Grey | LE20

by Lederer
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The award-winning Central Impulse Chronometer, showcased here in a refined 39mm rose gold case with a striking grey dial, marks the first chapter of the Masters of Escapements series by Bernhard Lederer. Crafting a new, dependable, energy-efficient, self-starting, and high-accuracy escapement stands as the pinnacle of horological innovation.

Building on the legacies of legends like Louis Breguet and George Daniels, Lederer elevates watchmaking with the Central Impulse Chronometer, presented in a stunning Dark Grey. In a nod to George Daniels' methodology, Bernhard Lederer integrates two escape wheels at the end of two distinct gear trains, each powered by its own barrel. The escapement's design and functionality have been meticulously re-engineered to deliver optimal impulses to the oscillator. Furthermore, each escape wheel pair is equipped with its own remontoir, a mechanism that rewinds a small spring every 10 seconds, ensuring a consistent power flow to the escapement. This timepiece is a limited edition of only 20 pieces, embodying exclusivity and exceptional craftsmanship.

A limited numbered edition of 20 pieces
Ref. CIC9016.60.302

The architecture and performance of the movement are complemented by an exquisite execution and meticulous finishing, down to the tiniest detail. Openworked bridges, proprietary wheel spokes, and three-dimensional construction showcase the extensive skill set and sophisticated equipment within Bernhard Lederer's workshop. Each movement is entirely designed and crafted in-house, undergoing a rigorous finishing process that includes hand bevelling, graining, frosting, engraving, satin-finishing, and polishing. The striking long and linear polished bevels of the remontoir and anchor bridges, along with the intricate grain-like texture of the mainplate and barrels, highlight the complexity and dedication involved.

The Central Impulse Chronometer escapement features a pair of escape wheels that interact with a uniquely shaped titanium anchor, designed for optimal geometry. The impulse positions, angles, and contact timing are meticulously engineered to significantly reduce friction and enhance longevity. The distinct sounds of the double impulse and the liberation of the remontoirs, working alternately, provide the Central Impulse Chronometer with a unique and complex acoustic signature. Energy is transmitted from two barrels via independent gear trains, each connected to a dedicated escape wheel. Additionally, Bernhard Lederer has integrated a remontoir d'égalité into each gear train to maintain a consistent energy flow. Each remontoir is recharged at 10-second intervals, ensuring minimal variation in the energy delivered to the balance wheel. Operating alternately at 5-second intervals, the two remontoirs work together to counterbalance any variations, resulting in exceptional precision and reliability.

- Mechanical with manual winding
- Dual impulse escapement
- 212 number of components
- 36 rubies
- 35 mm diameter
- 4.95 mm thickness
- Two in dependent barrels
- Two independent gear trains
- Two-constant force mechanisms
- Two independent escapement wheels
- Winding stem with two positions:
Position 1: Manual winding
Position 2: Time setting, stop-seconds for time setting
- All component decorations by hand
- Fine satin-finishing, top and bottom surface graining, bead blasting, hand-polished and beveled edges, inner and outer angles, main plate straight-grained and beveled by hand on the top and bottom surfaces, mirror-polished steel components.
21'600 VpH (3 Hz)
- 18k 5N rose gold
- Open caseback featuring sapphire crystal with anti-reflective
- 44 mm diameter
- 12.2 mm height
- Deep grey color
- Guilloché exclusive Lederer motif with two interlaced circles in a symbolic figure of eight

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