Kimberly Collins Oval Morganite Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Kimberly Collins

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A striking oval Morganite is surrounded by a diamond encrusted halo set in rose gold on this show stopper of a ring by the talented Kimberly Collins. Features 1.73ctw of Morganite and 18k rose gold. 

Ref. 1.73ctw Oval Morganite & Diamond Ring

With its subtle soft pink hues, it's easy to see why morganite often draws parallels to sweet innocence, romance, and love. Generally speaking, morganite is attuned to the heart chakra with its connection to the heart. It is believed to bring forth compassion and healing to those who wear this beautiful gemstone. It has been said to attract the abundance of love and aids in nurturing that love as it grows. This gemstone has been said to inspire joy and enjoyment of life and can be a catalyst for moving forth in confidence and peace. Morganite is believed to help cleanse the emotional body of anxiety and stress, as well as hidden traumas.

Morganite was discovered in California in the early 1900's, followed by Madagascar. It is a variation of beryl, and was originally named as such until 1911 when Tiffany's chief gemologist, George, F. Kunz, bestowed a new name on this lush pink stone. It was renamed as Morganite to honor the legendary gem collector and financier, J. P. Morgan for his outstanding mineral and gemological contributions to the American Museum of Natural History in New York. This was fitting as Morgan was an avid supporter and customer of Tiffany's, where morganite was sold.

About the designer
Kimberly Collins has always had an interest in beautiful things, thanks to her mother, a professional artist, and father, a lifelong collector of gems, minerals, and other exotic treasures from around the world. She received a Bachelors degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University and worked for a time at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but knew there was more out there for her. That’s why she jumped at the chance to travel to Nairobi and learn the tanzanite business there, learning everything she could about gems and laying the groundwork for her true life’s work.

Kimberly moved to San Francisco and formed Kindy African Gemstone Company in 1995, changing the name to Collins & Collins Fine Colored Gemstones when she went into partnership with her then-husband. But the best was yet to come. After broadening her horizons still further with eye-opening trips to Bangkok and Sri Lanka, she decided to go independent.

In 2008, she opened Kimberly Collins Colored Gems, featuring a continually expanding inventory and adding a finished colored-stone jewelry line. She considers it a great privilege to be able to share her expertise, attention to detail, and dedication with jewelers. Kimberly strives to provide them with the very finest in colored gems. 

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