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KC Designs Sapphire Multi Lucky Charm Necklace

$ 2,695.00
SKU 24629
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Keep good fortune on your side with this fabulous KC Designs lucky charm necklace. Diamonds and sapphires sparkle and shine on these 14k yellow gold talismans designed to bring luck and ward off evil spirits and intentions. Featuring a crescent moon, Hamsa hand, evil eye, dog tag, and a single initial. Necklace is displayed with the letter "A" but any initial can be ordered. Features .40ctw of diamonds and .29ctw of blue sapphires.

Ref. N9444

Charms have long been used as talismans for protection and to ward off evil spirits. This history of charms dates back to at least 75,000 years ago and spans multiple religions and cultures all across the globe. The world's first charms were fashioned from clay, animal bones, and shells, soon to be followed by wood, rocks, and finally gemstones. This KC Designs charm necklace features different symbols of luck and protection. Notably, the Hamsa Hand, a palm shaped amulet, has been a mainstay as a symbol of protection from the Middle East since ancient Mesopotamian times, approximately 6000 years ago. The open palm symbolizes power, strength, and blessings. It is also a symbol adopted within the Jewish faith as a metaphor for God's hand safely guiding the Jews out of Egypt. The evil eye is said to ward off evil spirits and wicked intentions from a malicious stare believed to cause bad fortune, illness, or death. The crescent moon is almost universally a symbol of fertility, birth cycles, and womanhood. 



14k yellow gold
Diamond & sapphire
Stone Weight
- .40 carats of diamonds
- .29 carats of sapphires

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