FOPE Gold Flex'It Vendome Bracelet

TYPE: Bracelets
ITEM #: 15624

Italian designer FOPE's stunning 3/4" wide 18k rose gold Flex'it bracelet. 

FOPE Flex'it is the perfect gold bracelet to stack with your existing bracelets, bangles and watch. With a comfortable stretch fit and no pinch policy, it plays nicely with others.

The Vendôme collection turns Fope’s gold mesh into ovals. As well as Flex’it bracelets – crafted entirely from 18 carat gold with no fastening – Vendôme also offers both traditional and flexible rings, giving you the freedom to change them and the comfort of wearing jewellery which always fits.

Brand FOPE
Style Bracelet
Country of Origin Italy
Material 18k Rose Gold
Detail 3/4" wide
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