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Grönefeld Bespoke 1941 Remontoire Guilloche Dial | SOLD OUT

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Grönefeld is able to offer a vast choice of coloured and patterned dials. The dials are engine-turned, sometimes referred to as guilloché dials. This process confers each dial with its own unique appearance. To augment the allure of the engine-turned patterns, another even more exclusive technique can be applied, enamelling. The colourful and transparent enamel is applied to the dial surface to bestow a profound depth and lustre to the guilloché patterns.

The words ‘engine turned’ might suggest that a computer-aided machine is used to make the patterns, but nothing is further from the truth. The dials are actually made on a century old machine. Every decorative line is made at very slow speed by deft hand and the skilful precision of a well-trained eye. It actually takes a few days of painstaking and patient effort to produce just one guilloché dial.

THIS SERIES is SOLD OUT. Please inquire on similar desirable pieces.