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14K Rose Gold Diamond & Morganite Starburst Stud Earrings

$ 3,440.00
SKU 25892
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Precious pink morganite is surrounded by a halo of dazzling diamonds on these captivating 14k rose gold starburst stud earrings. Morganite, with its delicate blush hues, symbolizes love, compassion, and emotional healing. This enchanting gemstone, often referred to as the stone of divine love, radiates warmth and tenderness, making it a favorite for romantic jewelry pieces. Its soft pink tones evoke a sense of serenity and grace, perfect for those who appreciate subtle elegance.

Wearing morganite is believed to open the heart, fostering deeper connections and enhancing inner peace. In luxury jewelry, morganite adds a touch of feminine charm and timeless beauty, capturing hearts with its gentle allure and profound symbolism

14k rose gold
Diamonds & morganite
3.4ctw diamonds

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