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Sylva & Cie Diamond & Carved Opal Snake Pendant Enhancer

$ 31,380.00
SKU 12546
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Step into a realm of unparalleled craftsmanship with Sylva & Cie's mesmerizing one-of-a-kind 18k white gold oval snake enhancer, masterfully carved from opal. This extraordinary piece is a testament to artistry and imagination, featuring a serpentine silhouette that captures the essence of elegance and mystique. Encased within a 1.50ctw diamond frame, the opal's ethereal play of color is magnificently highlighted, embodying the snake's historic symbolism of rebirth, transformation, and healing.

This enhancer is designed to be a statement piece that commands attention. Style it on a favorite chain necklace or make a statement with Sylva & Cie's 140 million-year-old Alaskan coral bead necklace (sold separately). The combination of ancient coral with the opulent snake design creates a connection between the earth's deep past and present-day luxury. Ideal for the discerning collector seeking a jewelry piece that is not just worn but experienced, this opal snake enhancer is a striking emblem of sophistication and a celebration of nature's artistry.

18k white gold
Opal & diamond
1.50 carats of diamonds
3" in length

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