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Alex Soldier Textured Silver White Topaz Flower Cuff Bracelet

$ 6,995.00
SKU 13913
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Alex Soldier has reimagined the traditional cuff bracelet with this silver and white topaz rendition. Sterling silver is deeply plated with black rhodium while an ornate "Crossroads" etching is embedded throughout using a proprietary metalwork method that creates a diamond inlay effect . A white topaz encrusted "flower" brings further sparkle to the wrist, evoking happiness. 

Since antiquity, wide cuff bracelets were an essential part of wardrobes for both men and women. Comprised of precious metals, they served both as decoration and as talismans of protection. It was thought that a snuggly fitted cuff would prevent negative energies from affecting those who wore these accessories. In order to enhance its protective power, bracelets were embellished with stones and engravings to enhance the healing properties of these artifacts, like Alex Soldier has done with this magnificent cuff bracelet.

Rhodium plated sterling silver
White topaz
40mm width

Oster Jewelers is an Alex Soldier Authorized Retail Partner.