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Philip Stein Diamond Classic Round Watch Pre-Owned

$ 1,699.00
SKU Pre-Owned Philip Stein
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Pre-Owned Philip Stein Classic Round Ladies. Dual Time Zone. Includes six additional interchangeable straps with three padded envelopes for storage. Two frequency battery powered. 34mm diameter

Well being meets contemporary craftsmanship within our exclusive timepieces. Embedded with the unique Natural Frequency Technology‌® , they harness and channel to your body beneficials frequencies of the Earth that can help you feel less stressed and improve overall well being.

The Discovery

In 1952 German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann proposed the existence of natural electromagnetic waves surrounding our planet. Eight years later, in Germany biologist Ruetger Wever used a variety of experiments to show that these Schumann Resonances can positively influence health, performance and overall wellbeing of humans. It wasn’t until the late 70’s that these Schumann frequencies were detected from a balloon by a Japanese research team.