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Diamond Shapes

The Oster Difference

Although Oster Jewelers will gladly find a round brilliant for you, we actually specialize and are known for finding premium cut diamonds in fancy shapes. The round brilliant diamond stone will have 58 facets. Any style of diamond cutting other than the round brilliant is called a fancy cut or fancy shape. Oster diamonds highlight the finest cut in every shape, specializing in GIA-certified stones with excellent proportions, polish and symmetry. Step outside the traditional round brilliant and take a look at the unusual and remember there are different shapes for different hands and exquisite cuts for every preference and personality.

Cushion Cut Diamond

If you want to step away from the round brilliant diamond, but don’t want to leap into the deep end of really non traditional shapes, then the cushion is for you. It’s romantic with a classic look. The cushion cut resembles the Old Mine cut with larger facets that are reminiscent of the late 19th and early 20th century cuts married with today’s oval cut. Cushions can vary slightly in their shape. Some may be a longer rectangular, have squarer corners with varying sized tables.

Emerald Cut Diamond

This cut will look like a rectangle when viewing from the top. It will have truncated corners as opposed to the pointed corner on the princess cut. Emerald cuts have "stepped" facets meaning that the facets resemble stair steps. Because of the open effect of the stepped facets, inclusions and color will be more noticeable which will have a more pronounced effect in this stair step facet. Please pick an emerald of superior color and clarity. Emerald cut diamonds are good for small to medium length fingers with the width to length ratio being 1.5:1.

Emerald Cut Diamond | Oster Jewelers

Princess Cut Diamond

If you want maximum sparkle that comes with a square cu,t then the princess cut is for you. It is much more forgiving in the flaw area than an emerald cut, but because of the sharp right angles that make up the four corners, it leaves this cut open to possible chipping. Make sure that the setting you choose protects the four points. The princess diamond cut is perfect for balancing out long slender fingers.

Princess Cut Diamond | Oster Jewelers

Asscher Cut Diamond

Developed by the Dutch Asscher brothers in 1902 this squared “clipped” deeply stepped cut diamond is very rare and sought after. Resembling an octagon the Asscher cuts hit its peak in popularity during the 1920’s and disappeared only to reappear in 2001 after considerable research and development showcasing additional facets and new specifications for a more brilliant shine. A very modern and fresh diamond cut that suits long fingers very well.

Asscher Cut Diamond | Oster Jewelers

Radiant Cut Diamond

With the fiery radiance of a brilliant and the hybrid shape of the emerald and Asshcher the radiant diamond cut is the best of both worlds. The modern radiant shape that we see today was perfected by Henry Grossbard in 1977. The radiant cut diamond is suited towards medium to long fingers.

Radiant Cut Diamond | Oster Jewelers

Oval Cut Diamond

This cut is elliptical in shape when viewed from the top and is extremely flattering if you are looking to add length to the hand. One thing to stay away from in this ring is the “bow tie” effect. The ratio of the length to the width should be 1.5 : 1. If the length ratio is less than this, the stone will be disproportioned. Ovals are usually surrounded by other stones to enhance the oval cut.

Oval Cut Diamond | Oster Jewelers

Marquise Cut Diamond

Looks like a slim football when viewed from the top. This shape also elongates the fingers. It is said that the Sun King, Louis the XIV commissioned a diamond to be cut in the comeliness smile of his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. The marquise cut holds 56 facets and is stunning all on its own, but is sometimes set with baguettes. When choosing a marguise cut make sure the points on either end are aligned with each other and the center of the stone.

Marquise Cut Diamond | Oster Jewelers

Pear Cut Diamond

A glistening tear drop shape flatters small to medium length fingers. Merge the best round cut and marquise shape and you receive the elegant pear cut diamond. Perfect for pendants and earrings. Pear cut diamonds have 58 facets, but have been known to carry as many as 72 for optimum sparkle. In certain settings a pear shape diamond should have at least five prongs. Four around the curved area and one at the tip to protect its point.

Pear Cut Diamond | Oster Jewelers

Heart Cut Diamond

For the die-hard romantic, nothing says love like the heart shaped cut diamond. This cut can be difficult to make so look for nice rounded symmetrical shoulders with a high grade cut. The heart shape diamond should have at least a four prong setting.

Heart Cut Diamond | Oster Jewelers
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