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Oster Collection 18KYG Swivel White Diamond Ball Pendant

$ 12,500.00
SKU 24242
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From the Oster Collection, elevate your jewelry collection with the mesmerizing allure of this 18k yellow gold diamond ball pendant. This exquisite pendant features a sphere encrusted with brilliant white diamonds, designed to catch the light from every angle. Ingeniously crafted, the pendant boasts a unique swivel mechanism, allowing it to rotate gracefully, ensuring that its brilliance is displayed in full splendor with every movement. The bold sparkle of the diamonds set against the rich yellow gold creates a captivating piece that exudes luxury and sophistication. Please note, the gold chain is sold separately, allowing you to customize your look by pairing this stunning pendant with your choice of chain for a truly personalized touch. This diamond ball pendant is a versatile and timeless addition to any fine jewelry ensemble.

18k yellow gold
3.00 ctw
1" diameter
Chain necklace is sold separately

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