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Melinda Risk Quartz Bird Cloud Necklace

$ 7,895.00
SKU 24698
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The Melinda Risk Quartz Bird Cloud Necklace features a striking quartz 'cloud' body with a captivating blue sapphire centered within wings. A skull with blue diamond eyes graces the back, while opal beads accent the sterling silver chain. Crafted with 22k, 18k, and blackened sterling silver, this 29-inch necklace is a unique blend of artistry and elegance

Explore the artistry of the Melinda Risk Collection at Oster Jewelers. This collection showcases unique necklace pendants and whimsical designs, each piece reflecting the creativity and skill of the artist. From intricate rings to stunning earrings, each piece is crafted with the utmost precision and care. The Melinda Risk Collection offers jewelry that is not only beautiful but also distinctive, perfect for those who appreciate individuality and elegance.

22k yellow gold & blackened sterling silver
Opal, blue diamond, quartz
29" chain

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