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KC Designs 14KYG Diamond & Sapphire Mini Hamsa Earrings

$ 540.00
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Absolutely spellbinding, these KC Designs 14K yellow gold Diamond & Blue Sapphire Hamsa Earrings are the perfect fusion of divine protection and unparalleled beauty. The iconic Hand of Hamsa symbol is meticulously crafted in radiant 14K yellow gold and adorned with a constellation of brilliant diamonds, culminating in a captivating blue sapphire at the heart of each piece. The deep blue sapphires serve as a striking focal point, symbolizing wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. The surrounding diamonds enhance the design with their luminous sparkle, embodying a shield of light against negativity. These earrings are a celebration of spiritual heritage, reimagined through the lens of luxury, making them a perfect addition to the collection of those who seek jewelry that resonates with personal meaning and high-end design. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a personal talisman, the Diamond & Blue Sapphire Hamsa Earrings promise to be a cherished accessory, blending timeless elegance with a touch of celestial wonder.

Ref. E3575

KC Designs has been at the forefront of diamond fashion jewelry for 30 years. They have masterfully created jewelry that compliments every style of woman. Throughout the years, KC DESIGNS has garnered the acclaim of celebrities and fashion experts alike. Their distinctive diamond pieces have been showcased in numerous feature films, major television network shows, fashion runways, and dozens of fashion publications including the uber-popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition...5 years running.

14k yellow gold
Diamond & blue sapphire
Stone Weight
- .14 carats of diamonds (42 diamonds)
- .04 carats of blue sapphires
- 1/4" length
- 1/4" width

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