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Felipe Pikullik Sternenhimmel "Starry Sky"

$ 14,000.00
SKU 27757
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The Sternenhimmel "Starry Sky" model from Felipe Pikullik is a celestial masterpiece born from Felipe's visionary ambition to craft timepieces with astronomical intricacies. This exquisite creation features a dial of natural blue goldstone, reminiscent of a nocturnal sky glittering with infinite stars. Its indexes are adorned with VVS diamonds, meticulously set at the cardinal points of 3, 6, and 9, each cradled in settings forged with traditional watchmaker's lathe techniques. The Sternenhimmel is not just a watch; it is a gateway to the cosmos, an embodiment of luxury that connects the wearer to the vast universe with unparalleled elegance and precision.

***Available piece does not include diamond lugs***

The heart of the Sternenhimmel beats with the in-house ZBM1 movement, a hallmark of innovation and craftsmanship. The acronym ZBM1, standing for "dial model 1," signifies the inaugural series of closed dial timepieces conceived by Felipe. First unveiled within the ZBM1 watch, this movement has been meticulously engineered and now gracefully animates the Sternenhimmel. It is a testament to Felipe's pioneering spirit and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking, ensuring that each timepiece is not just a keeper of time, but a legacy of excellence.

Time only
- 41 mm diameter
- 10.5 mm thickness
- 50 mm lug to lug
Power reserve
52 hours
FP logo ceramic inlay in the crown
- Aventurine
- VVS Diamonds on 3,6, & 9
Handmade polished rhodium plated
Handmade calfskin strap
20 mm width

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