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Jewelry Designers

Welcome to the haute couture jewelry world of Oster Jewelers. Our internationally sourced jewelry designers are creators of some of the most unique works of art to wear. Working in 14k, 18k, 24k diamonds, pearls and semi precious stones, each of our designers has a story that inspires their creations and fuels their talent. Their skills are self taught or handed down through generations that sculpt their distinct style. Shop from Alex Soldier, Anne Sportun, Antonini, Ole Lynggaard of Copenhagen, Fope, Furrer Jacot, Ila, Lika Behar, K. Brunini, Katherine James, Louis Glick, Little Ones Paris, Parade Designs, Rahaminov, roberto Demeglio, Stefan Hafner, sydney Evan, Sethi CoutureSylva & Cie and more.