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Since its creation 150 years ago, Zenith has constantly played a pioneering role in developing and producing precise, reliable and complex timepieces. By integrating the entire range of watchmaking professions in-house, the Manufacture has all the expertise and independence required to create unusual mechanisms that constantly push the boundaries of time measurement. From onboard instruments to wristwatches and pocket-watches, Zenith has filed over 300 patents in the course of its rich history, with a regularity worthy of a finely crafted timepiece.

Testifying to the brand’s relentless quest for precision, ten or so of them these patents relate to the index or regulator, a tiny component serving to extend or reduce the active length of the balance-spring in order to achieve the best possible timing precision. The brand is indeed the most titled ever in the field of precision, having won no less than 2,333 chronometry prizes to date. Proudly embodying this impressive mastery, the El Primero caliber will doubtless remain one of the most legendary movements in the epic saga of horology.

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