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Vernissage Burnished Silver Happy Bird Nest Ring

$ 1,840.00
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The creativity of Italian designer Ilenia Corti is celebrated on this whimsical Vernissage Happy Bird Nest Ring. At the center of this masterpiece lies an intricately designed bird's nest, a symbol of home, nurture, and the tender beginnings of life. Perched with care, a petite bird in burnished silver watches over her precious cargo - a radiant pink sapphire egg, glowing with the promise of new beginnings and the warmth of unconditional love. This ring is not just an accessory; it's a piece of art that embodies the beauty of life's simple treasures. Made in Italy, where craftsmanship meets passion, this Vernissage creation is a testament to the timeless elegance and sophistication that lies in the details. Wear it with the matching Happy Bird Nest necklace.

Created by Ilenia Corti, VERNISSAGE jewels aims to highlight the frame of the jewel which is usually hidden. The skeleton on which decorations and stones usually lay is highlighted by a filigree of godronné and burnished gold. Each creation is hand modeled and finely hand carved, down to the cuts and the settings for the stones.

Burnished silver
Diamond and pink sapphires
- .02 carats of diamonds
- .10 carats of pink sapphires

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