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Paula Crevoshay 18K Gold Ametrine Ring

$ 11,300.00
SKU 3347
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A Paula Crevoshay one-of-a-kind cocktail ring makes a statement with a magnificent Ametrine stone carved by American stone cutter Arthur Anderson. The 18k yellow gold bezel and shank feature bezel set amethyst and Citrine stones. Featuring the best of both worlds, Ametrine (also known as Bolivianite) is a fusion of Citrine and amethyst. The warmth and optimism of Citrine shines through, while the healing elements of amethyst are thought to alleviate stress and fortify inner strength.

Ametrine embodies the harmony of duality in its striking bi-colored beauty. Symbolizing balance and unity, this gem reflects the seamless fusion of strength and serenity. In jewelry, ametrine captivates with its enchanting hues, making a statement of elegance and sophistication. Perfect for those who appreciate the intricate dance of contrast, ametrine pieces add a touch of mystical allure and refined charm to any collection.

18k yellow gold
Ametrine, amethyst, & citrine
15.58 carats total
1 1/4" width x 3/4" length

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