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Massena Lab | Innovative Watchmaking Collaborations

Massena LAB Watches

Massena LAB creates, designs, and develops timepieces with renowned watchmakers. Founded by William Massena, a noted watch collector and industry veteran, Massena LAB proposes ideas or concepts to manufactures that are unusual and beyond the offerings from their collection.

William Massena has been a passionate collector of watches from an early age. He’s an active participant in the world of horology as a collector, consultant and former auctioneer. He was a retailer with stores in Miami and New York City, and later became the Chief Operating Officer of Antiquorum in Geneva. Massena LAB collaborates with some of the most creative watchmakers in the world with the mission to perpetuate the art of independent watchmaking. 

Elevate your wrist wear with the Massena LAB Uni-racer LE200, a limited edition timepiece that beautifully marries classic design and contemporary aesthetics. With only 200 units available, this watch is a unique expression of horological artistry and a coveted addition for collectors and enthusiasts alike. The black dial face of this timepiece exudes a sense of understated elegance and versatility, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.

Oster Jewelers is an Authorized Massena LAB Retailer