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Balocchi Preziosi 18KWG Diamond & Lemon Quartz Drop Earrings

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These Italian made Lemon quartz dew drop earrings are the perfect neutral earring to go with all your looks.  The "Duetto" earrings feature a modern, Italian design of matte and polished finished solid lemon quartz with .12 ctw diamond bails all set in 18K white gold. Lemon quartz is .75" in length. and .5" in width. 

Lemon quartz, with its vibrant and sunny hue, symbolizes clarity, creativity, and optimism. This radiant gemstone captures the essence of sunlight, bringing warmth and joy to the wearer. Often associated with mental clarity and inspiration, lemon quartz is believed to enhance focus and creativity, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a touch of brilliance in their lives. In jewelry, lemon quartz adds a refreshing pop of color, exuding elegance and vitality. Its cheerful energy and luminous beauty make it a delightful addition to any collection, promising to brighten up both the wearer’s day and their style


18k white gold
Lemon quartz & diamonds
Measurements of stone
- .75" in length
- .5" in width

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