Wellendorff Lucky Silken Knot Diamond Earrings

TYPE: Earrings
DESIGNER: Wellendorff
ITEM #: 24389

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An elegant companion for everyday wear, or for the most treasured occasions, the Silk Knot diamond earrings from Wellendorff captivate all that gaze upon them. Their true beauty is revealed upon a closer look at the stunning diamond hugged by delicate ropes of gold, and signed with the most valuable trademark in the world, Wellendorff’s Diamond W.

An icon of the jewelry world: the “world’s “softest necklace” has been re-imagined as Silk Knot earrings. The gently shimmering, 18-karat gold Wellendorff ropes, as soft as silk, nestle close together to form a knot. The Diamond W, symbolizing Wellendorff’s quality and perfection, connects the center of the gold ropes, creating a classic stud – it discreetly attracts the eye, complementing both casual and elegant styles, and offers supreme comfort when worn.

Wellendorff has been family owned and operated for it’s entire existence. To this day, pieces are manufactured in Pforzheim, where the original manufactory was established more than 110 years ago. Wellendorff has been perfecting the craft of find German gold jewelry for more than a century.

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