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Wellendorff Moments of Glory | Ring of the Year

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This one special moment that has a massive impact. The decisive moment, when life goes in a new direction. An exceptional event turns into a great moment. It turns into one of life’s highlights or a turning point in history. The limited-edition, spinning MOMENTS OF GLORY 2020 Ring of the Year from the Wellendorff Jewellery Manufactory captures these groundbreaking moments in 18-karat gold forever.

Four individual rings make up the limited-edition MOMENTS OF GLORY 2020 Ring of the Year. They are closely connected and yet free to move. Just like the Earth orbits around the warming sun, the limited-edition 2020 Ring of the Year spins around its yellow gold inner ring

On the outside of the ring, the Wellendorff cold enamel, only recently developed, vibrantly sparkles and allows a glimpse into mysterious depths. Surrounded by an 18-karat white gold rope, the hand-applied Wellendorff cold enamel is reminiscent of the endless expanse of the universe with a fine layer of star dust. A glimpse of shimmering jet-black depths mesmerises the beholder and gives a sense of the entirety of space, time and events. It is a homage to the highest quality German made goldsmithing, allowing the diamonds set in the ring to be lit up. A light, like stars that shine in the night sky, or like a memory of a moving, happy moment, blazes out for a lifetime. Like great moments, the set of rings that spin seamlessly on themselves come to life.

Limited and numbered edition for 220 women throughout the world.

Every year has its outstanding events and is under a special star. Every year, Wellendorff presents a limited annual ring in which a theme in the form of a ring is implemented. The limitation of the numbered annual rings is adapted to the respective year - only a few women worldwide can decorate themselves with this ring.

Ref. 607345-56007WG

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