Wellendorff Lucky Silken Knot Cufflinks

DESIGNER: Wellendorff
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An arm's length ahead as far as quality, character, and style are concerned: classic men’s accessories from Wellendorff.

Undoubtedly an attractive pairing: Wellendorff’s LUCKY SILKEN KNOT cufflinks comprise two fine rope knots in 18-karat gold. A sophisticated fastener technology with a safety spring mechanism is an expression of the perfection demonstrated time and again by the goldsmiths – even for seemingly minor details. When the mechanism is opened, the gaze is drawn to the elaborate Genuine Values engraving with the Diamond W – a promise of quality that lasts for a lifetime.

Wellendorff has been family owned and operated for it’s entire existence. To this day, pieces are manufactured in Pforzheim, where the original manufactory was established more than 110 years ago. Wellendorff has been perfecting the craft of find German gold jewelry for more than a century.

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