Wellendorff Genuine Delight Mother of Pearl Ring

TYPE: Bridal
DESIGNER: Wellendorff
ITEM #: 17212

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Diamonds lying snug and safe amongst waves as white as clouds. And with every spin, you orchestrate a harmonious duet of light and colour. Wellendorff's Genuine Delight, enchants with vivid colors to recall perfect moments and experiences in life; memories to last forever. Three individual rotating rings: the middle set with 0.45ctw diamond and two outer rings featuring a patterened hue of white enamel. All set in 18k yellow gold.

Ref. 6.7096

Many people ask themselves what Genuine Delight is. It's often nearer than you might think: It lies in small, unique moments of boundless joy that make you want to capture the experience – that feeling of delight − in gold for ever. Never-ending desire for perfection, loving attention to detail and the flair for the noblest of materials are what make the Wellendorff collections messengers for this Genuine Delight, offering joy for a lifetime.

Brand Wellendorff
Style Ring
Total Carats .45ctw
Gemstones Diamonds
Country of Origin Germany
Material 18k Yellow Gold
Reference # 6.7096
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