Wellendorff Genuine Delight Angel's Power Diamond Ring

TYPE: Bridal
DESIGNER: Wellendorff
ITEM #: 17006

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This Wellendorff "spinning" ring features beautifully crafted enamel in 18kt white gold. Ideally suited as either a man's or a woman's band. A meeting, your team's next match, an evening event - no matter what the occasion, S752 is a ring that impresses. Its sporty elegance is natural on the hand of man.

Ref. 6.7104

Wellendorff has been family owned and operated for it’s entire existence. To this day, pieces are manufactured in Pforzheim, where the original manufactory was established more than 110 years ago. Wellendorff has been perfecting the craft of find German gold jewelry for more than a century.

Brand Wellendorff
Style Ring
Total Carats .02ctw
Gemstones Diamond
Country of Origin Germany
Material 18k White Gold
Reference # 6.7104
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