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Wellendorff Olive Enamel Flower Ring

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German designer Wellendorff's "Olive" enamel 9mm spinning band. This unique ring features .47ctw of sparkling diamonds and a beautiful floral blue enameled design. Size 6 1/2 available.

Ref. 6.6810

Characteristic of Wellendorff's rings is the glistening, colorful Wellendorff-cold enamel that fills three levels of intricate engraving. High-precision goldsmithing has allowed Wellendorff to create a special feature that the wearers of our jewelry love: The inner ring can be rotated smoothly and playfully. Every turn of the inner ring brings back the memory of and longing for a summer with its warm sun, scent of fresh flowers, and ripe berries. All of this comes together in the Olive ring with summery clear green tones and sparking diamonds.