Wellendorff Sunbeam Rope Necklace

DESIGNER: Wellendorff
ITEM #: 13753

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German designer Wellendorff's 18kwg Sunbeam Rope Necklace with their signuature "W." From the Angel's Wings Collection. 43cm.

Ref. 4.6698

Our Wellendorff Rope is made of 18-karat gold as soft and smooth as silk, fashioned using a technique developed over 35 years ago by Hanspeter Wellendorff: gossamer-thin gold wire is coiled by hand many times over to create a necklace. Light as the caress of a wisp of silk: The Wellendorff rope is the brand's best-known piece of jewellery. The blend of apparent opposites is enchanting: its hard metal has become as soft as silk.

The design of the first Wellendorff Rope is now not just part of the company; it's a part of our history: In 1977, after many years of toil, Hanspeter Wellendorff and his goldsmiths created the first rope for his wife Eva, to fulfil her wish for a silky-soft necklace.

Wellendorff has been family owned and operated for it’s entire existence. To this day, pieces are manufactured in Pforzheim, where the original manufactory was established more than 110 years ago. Wellendorff has been perfecting the craft of find German gold jewelry for more than a century.

Brand Wellendorff
Style Necklace
Gemstones Diamond
Country of Origin Germany
Material 18k White Gold
Reference # 4.6698
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