Parmigiani Tonda Metropolitiane Steel

TYPE: Watches
DESIGNER: Parmigiani
ITEM #: #Parm7

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The Tonda Métropolitaine's signature style includes an attractive, modern steel case, taut lines, a self-winding mechanical movement, and a more refined silhouette than the Manufacture's other classic pieces. There is also a slight imbalance which is the key to its identity, giving the Tonda Métropolitaine it own unique appeal.

The subtlety of the design comes from the watch's lack of symmetry. In fact, it has two different profiles. Its left-hand profile outlines the brand's iconic teardrop shape. The right-hand profile features elongated lugs which extend to encompass the space around the crown. The beauty lies in the artistry found in the details.

The long case middle finds its contrast in the "flinqué" finishes on the dial, which take the form of undulating waves. The numerals and indices are inlaid. They stand out in rounded relief from a two-dimensional background characterised by straight lines. The modern lines of the piece are softened, thereby reasserting its femininity.

Brand Parmigiani
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