Parmigiani Tonda Metropolitaine Selene

TYPE: Watches
DESIGNER: Parmigiani
ITEM #: #Parm5

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With its two bronze-coloured lunar pastilles, which appear and disappear behind the wisps of a cloud, the Tonda Métro- politaine Sélène corresponds to the typical moon phase model. Although seemingly classic, on closer observation it reveals a series of refined features, giving this piece touches of distinction which make it unique.

For instance, the fact that the moon is not golden, but actually russet, possessing that glow specific to exceptional nights. Or the fact that its surface is made up of craters – known as lunar seas – obtained by successively layering transfers and involving great artisanal complexity. More than a simple depiction, this is an attempt to embody the moon, which appears in order to truly enchant the wearer.

However, the real tour de force and source of this piece‘s originality stems from the floral pattern decorating the dial and increasing the intrinsic femininity of this complication. The lotus flower, depicted at the heart of the piece, is a plant that blooms at night when the moon rises. In some cultures, it is said that this flower is the symbol of the female gait, as every step a woman takes produces a lotus flower.

Adorning the centre of the dial, this lotus flower is formed of mother-of-pearl lace designs measuring barely 0.2 mm thick, placed in two layers, one on top of the other. The first, underlying sheet is varnished then satin-finished, therefore contrasting with the upper layer, which presents a polished finish. The alternating satin-finished and polished surfaces produce a particularly captivating reflection, which is further enhanced by the inherent depth effects of the two mother- of-pearl layers.

Brand Parmigiani
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