Tonda Hemispheres Pre-Owned

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This is a pre owned watch. Perfect for travellers, the Tonda Hémisphères ensures perfect synchronisation with local time, even in places with a half-hour or quarter-hour difference from the full hour times set from the Greenwich meridian. This is ensured by its ingenious mechanism which incorporates two independent movements, a motor and a follower. This allows the second time zone to be synchronised with the main time, i.e. linked to the full hour time with the desired interval, or indexed to it, with an additional interval of minutes as well as hours. Parmigiani Fleurier has taken technical sophistication a step further than conventional GMT watches, whose second time zones only display full hour intervals from the main time.

The Tonda Hémisphères also features a day and night indication for each time zone. The small spherical indication informs the wearer at a glance whether it is day or night in the location in question. This practical feature allows a mental picture to form immediately. Elegant and technical, the Tonda Hémisphères is in step with the times, here, there and everywhere!

Brand Oster Jewelers
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