Tonda 1950 Meteorite Dial

Tonda 1950 Meteorite Dial

TYPE: Watches
DESIGNER: Parmigiani
ITEM #: #Parm6

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Unpolished, irregular and fragmented – such are the characteristics of a meteorite. This captivating rock features on the dial of the Tonda 1950 Special Edition, lending it a texture whose beauty lies in the very fact that it is unpredictable; mysterious, because it is not entirely of this world.

The meteor rock's mineral structure is uneven and extremely hard. Consequently, working this rock is an extremely delicate process. After many tests, and with the benefit of their experience, the master dial-makers have come up with the perfect cut and this shade of abyss blue using galvanoplasty – a world-first.

The case middle of this Tonda 1950 Special Edition is made from titanium – an obvious choice of material as it is a natural element in the periodic table and not an alloy. It is the perfect match with the meteor rock, another natural element.

The PF 701 movement owes its slim dimensions to an eccentric platinum micro-oscillating weight, housed within the confines of the movement. This means it is just 2.6 mm thick, making it worthy of inclusion in the range of ultra-thin models. The finest Haute Horlogerie finishes illuminate each detail. The nickel silver main plate is sand-blasted, circular-grained and then rhodium-plated. The bridges are sandblasted, drawn out or "Côte de Genève" decorated, then bevelled by hand and, finally, rhodium-plated. Also note the attractive finish of each wheel, bevelled, sunk, circular-grained on both faces, then gilded before cutting.  

Brand Parmigiani
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