Sydney Evan Luck & Protection Diamond Charm Bracelet

Sydney Evan

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Sydney Evan's 14k yellow gold & diamond Luck & Protection charms on a round green apatite stretch bead bracelet. Featuring a Hamsa hand with an evil eye, a four leaf clover, and horseshoe charms. All Sydney Evan beaded bracelets are strung on a stretch cord along with their 14k gold SE logo charm.

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Charms have long been used as talismans for protection and to ward off evil spirits. This history of charms dates back to at least 75,000 years ago and spans multiple religions and cultures all across the globe. The world's first charms were fashioned from clay, animal bones, and shells, soon to be followed by wood, rocks, and finally gemstones. This Sydney Evan charm bracelet features different symbols of luck and protection from many different regions. The first, a horseshoe is a symbol of protection whose origin is unknown, but it was believed to have first become a symbol of luck in the eight century. Chaldeans thought its crescent shape beared great resemblance to moon goddesses and viewed this symbol as a protection from the evil eye. Others believe that it wasn't until two centuries later in 969 A.D. that it came into its identity as a synonym for good fortune with the folklore of the Patron Saint of Blacksmiths, St Dunstan. It was said that after a run in with the Devil St. Dunstan shoed the Devil's cloven hoof with tremendous force resulting in a great deal of pain. Following the agonizing ordeal the Devil promised to never cross the threshold of a door with a horseshoe again.

The second charm is thefour leaf clover. It's debated as to when the origin of it as a symbol of luck first began. In Christianity it was attributed to Eve having brought a four leaf clover with her when she was removed from Paradise, thus it is said that those who are lucky enough to possess a four leaf clover have a piece of the blessed Paradise. During the Middle Age, Celtics thought that those that carried a four leaf clover would possess the ability to see faeries, as well as identify witches and any evil spirits lurking around. Still to this day it is a universal symbol of luck and good fortune, and the hunt for this precious and rare plant is a treasured past-time.

The third and final charm on this beaded bracelet is the Hamsa Hand. This is a palm shaped amulet that's been a mainstay as a symbol of protection from the Middle East since ancient Mesopotamian times, approximately 6000 years ago. The open palm symbolizes power, strength, and blessings. The evil eye in the center serves to ward off evil spirits and wicked intentions from a malicious stare believed to cause bad fortune, illness, or death. The raised palm is meant to "blind the aggressor." It is also a symbol adopted within the Jewish faith as a metaphor for God's hand safely guiding the Jews out of Egypt.

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