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Sydney Evan Hamsa Worry Doll Charm Heishi Bead Bracelet

$ 770.00
SKU 25637

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From the Sydney Evan Worry Doll Collection comes this dazzling 14k yellow gold Hamsa hand "Fatima" worry doll charm adorned with seven sparkling rubies on her skirt and diamonds in her eyes. A colorful Heishi rainbow shell bead bracelet makes for the perfect accessory for this keepsake charm.

Based on Mayan legend, worry dolls are tiny talismans epitomizing Princess Ixmucane who was believed to be gifted with the power to alleviate all troubles. Children whisper their worries to the doll and place them under their pillows when going to sleep, to awaken worry free. Typically made of wool and textiles in Guatemala, these good luck talismans have been re-envisioned in 14k yellow gold as a keepsake to help set troubles aside for  those of all ages.


14k yellow gold
Diamonds & rubies
Bracelet or Chain
Heishi rainbow shell bracelet
5/8" x 1/4"