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Sydney Evan Diamond Rondelle Blue Apatite Bracelet

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Sydney Evan's 14k yellow gold & diamond rondelle on a smooth round blue apatite stretch bead bracelet. All Sydney Evan beaded bracelets are strung on a stretch cord along with their 14k gold SE logo charm.

Ref. 19895/cjp1701-Y13

From the Greek word to deceive, Apatite sometimes resembles an extremely rare variety of tourmaline. The mineral was first discovered in 1786 by German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner, but the rock wasn’t commonly used in jewelry until much later. Nearly 30 years ago it soared to popularity in the jewelry world which regarded the stone for its unique bright, almost fluorescent coloring, rarely seen before in high-end jewelry. A stone of the rainbow, it can appear in shades ranging from pinks and purples, to yellows, greys, and beyond. However, it is most coveted for its shades of blues and greens, resembling the Paraiba tourmaline, a highly prized stone.

Aligned with the Gemini sign of the zodiac this gemstone is believed to enhance creativity, learning, insight. It is thought that wearing this stone will bring focus, intellect, and clarity and is believed to aid the immune system and clean the lymphatic, glandular, and meridian systems. The dynamic coloring of this stone is due to three minerals, calcium phosphate, combined with fluorine, and either hydroxyl or chlorine. Resembling the varied depths of the ocean, the brilliance of this stone is often complimented with silver or gold beads, or pearls.

Founded by Rosanne Karmes in 2001, Sydney Evan celebrates the uniqueness of our lives, with strong roots in family, protection, love, luck, and good fortune. True to her personal values and philosophy Karmes dedicated the brand to her family, naming it after her two children Sydney and Evan, as well as her father SY. Nineteen years later the collection has evolved from a handful of styles to one of the most coveted fine-meets-fashion jewelry collections worldwide.

Karmes’ brought her fresh take on the charm bracelet with her reintroduction of this classic piece meant to be layered and made with quality stones and 14k gold, fusing her love of travel, arts, and culture. Live your own charmed life with the Sydney Evan Collection at