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Ole Lynggaard Snake Charm Bracelet

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OLE LYNGGAARD Snake charm "My Little World" 18k yellow gold bracelet on a black coated string.

OLC Ref: A2828-401

In 1969, Ole Lynggaard created his first sensual snake jewellery, inspired by the glittering treasures he had been fascinated by at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo some years earlier. With Snakes, he has again taken up this dreamy, sensual style. 

Snakes is available as rings, earrings, interchangeable, spot and pedant in 18-karat gold and white gold. Let them weave themselves around your fingers and neck just as they are or upgrade them with diamonds and tourmaline drops for a more exclusive and extravagant look.

Oster Jewelers is an authorized retailer of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen