Santagostino Summer Love Bracelet

TYPE: Bracelets
DESIGNER: Santagostino
ITEM #: 12681


18k yellow & white gold 7" long bracelet set with .20ctw sapphires, .38ctw rubies, .12ctw emeralds, .10ctw diamonds, 1.92ctw semi-precious stones, 5mm pearl, mother of pearl flower & enameling. This is a beautiful garden inspired bracelet with many gemstones used in a very artistic fashion. Beautiful and elegant flower jewelry. 

Ilenia Corti is the owner of Santagostino who aspires to create a new concept of jewel, inspired by the world of fairy tales and childhood: an alternative to the classics, with bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings which seem to bring a scent of strawberries, candy and enchanted forests. Unique objects which still retain the old craft but now also make their name in the most avant-garde fashion scenes. A collection which always offers a certificate of guarantee, authenticity and excellence, destined to a selected clientele of international connoisseurs looking for a new artistic and cultural message.

Brand Santagostino
Style Bracelet
Total Carats 92ctw
Gemstones Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamonds, Semi-Precious Stones
Country of Origin Italy
Material 18k Yellow Gold
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