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QLOCKTWO TOUCH Silver Base Clock (No additional covers)

$ 790.00
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The QLOCKTWO TOUCH is a precision table clock featuring a multitude of functions in sleek design. Rethinking how a clock should work, the QLOCKTWO TOUCH spells time with words formed from a matrix of letters. It also features a night light, alarm, night touch, illumination, snooze, and special flashsetter in addition to its striking design. This full metal design is made with a aluminum body and is silver anodized.



Night Light
At the press of a button the night light function is activated. A second press turns the light off again.

Alarm QLOCKTWO TOUCH can reliably wake you or remind you of an appointment, first gently then with some persuasion. The alarm function is turned on and off by pressing the alarm button at the back of the clock.

Illumination A light sensor enables the brightness of the LEDs to adjust automatically to the ambient light conditions. The luminosity can also be set manually.

Night Touch In this mode the clock is completely dark leaving you to enjoy your night. To read the clock simply touch the surface and the time appears for two seconds.

Snooze The alarm rings but you are not quite ready to start the day? Simply touch the top of your QLOCKTWO TOUCH to activate the snooze mode.

Seconds The seconds are shown as large number inside the matrix. In seconds mode the minute points in the corners are still visible.

Flashsetter With the QLOCKTWO FLASHSETTER it is even easier to set your QLOCKTWO TOUCH. Alternatively, the time can also be set manually.

The ease of use of the QLOCKTWO TOUCH makes it an incredibly versatile and coveted design item, especially with its modern and compact style. Simply touch the casing to control key functions such as the alarm deactivation, Night-Touch mode, and snooze mode. The front cover is held in place by magnets and can easily be changed.

The vibrant and fun colors of the acrylic front covers are manufactured using a complex silk screen printing process, promising that they line up perfectly with the base model of the QLOCKTWO TOUCH, allowing it to tell time in an exciting new way. Refined design is showcased with the Stainless Steel cover. It's neutral metal palette allows for it to seamlessly blend in with any room while still being an exciting conversation piece. The changeable front cover is held in place by magnets allowing it to easily be swapped out.

In addition to stainless steel, the polished acrylic fronts are also available in seven exciting colors. The multilingual QLOCKTWO TOUCH speaks 20 languages and is handmade in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany,


Casing Dimensions

(H × W × D): 135 × 135 × 17 mm
Weight Including base
approx. 500 g
Ambient Temperature
+15 °C to +30 °C
USB Power Supply Unit Port
100 V − 240 V ~ 50/60 HZ, 200 mA
USB Power Supply Unit Output
5 V 1 A
5 V 550 mA
Power Consumption