OLE LYNGGAARD Life Rope Safari Bracelet at Oster Jewelers | 18cm

TYPE: Bracelets
ITEM #: 22733

Ole Lynggaard Safari color hand knotted rope 0.3mm bracelet with hook and lock in 18K polished yellow gold. Khaki green graduates into lighter earth tones for neutral wearing. Size 18cm 

OLC Ref: A3040-405 18

Designed for both women and men, Life bracelets feature an 18K yellow gold hook. The irresistible colour palette was dyed, woven, and hand-knotted by artisan craftsmen in South-East Asia especially for OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN. Designed for an active lifestyle in the water.

Oster Jewelers is an authorized retailer of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen


Style Stackable bracelet
Country of Origin Denmark
Material Rope and gold
Type Bracelet
Color Safari
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