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Moritz Grossmann Hamatic Vintage "Black-Or" White Gold | LE25

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The HAMATIC Vintage draws its kinetic energy from the arm movement of the watch wearer. The movement of the arm continuously deflects a pendulum in the shape of a hammer with a heavy gold hammer head. This kinetic energy is transferred via the ratchet wheel to the mainspring in the barrel and winds the watch.

Inspired by the vintage idea, the Moritz Grossmann designers adopted the traditional concept of an automatic hammer winding system from the 19th century and refined it according to the principles of Grossmann’s supreme craftsmanship, resulting in a new movement.

Limited Edition of 25 pieces worldwide. 
Ref. Vintage Look Automatic Hammer
To inquire about availability please phone 303.572.1111

The elaborate design of the hammer mechanism, known as the HAMATIC for short, provides a stage for the strikingly crafted gold hammer head and reveals the fascinating mechanics and exceptional finish of Grossmann’s 106.0 movement. The oval hammer body is open in the middle, offering a clear view of the beauty of the highly sophisticated mechanism.

The new version of the HAMATIC in 750/000 white gold comes with a vintage style dial and is limited to 25 models worldwide. The dial has been given a new and exclusive finish. The surface was first painted in a black-anthracite colour. The mirror-polished background on a German silver base was then treated with a finish called ‘black or’, which created a shiny black surface.

Large Roman numerals in white form an attractive contrast to the black dial of the HAMATIC Vintage. The vintage ‘M. Grossmann’ logo from 1875 and handcrafted polished – hands measuring a mere 0.1 mm wide are an homage to the old pocket watches of Moritz Grossmann.


106.0 Bidirectional automatic hammer winding mechanism transfers even the slightest arm movements to wind the mainspring
White Gold
Mirror polished "black-or" dial with shiny black surface
The finest handcrafted hands measure 0.1mm in width at the narrowest points
Sapphire Crystal Glass
Black alligator leather
25 watches

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