Korona KO Seasons Autumn

TYPE: Watches
DESIGNER: Sarpaneva
ITEM #: Korona KO Seasons Autumn

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Finland is a country of brutal honesty. When we say we have four seasons, it means we have four seasons. In autumn Mother Nature explodes in colour, but in winter she totally freezes over. In spring she slowly awakes, and in summer she doesn't sleep at all.

To salute these stark contrasts, Stepan Sarpaneva created four distinct watches that keep glowing through the cycle of seasons. Korona K0 Seasons is Sarpaneva’s second collaboration with James Thompson of Black Badger Advanced Composites.

Brand Sarpaneva
Country of Origin Finland
Case Material Stainless Steel
Strap Leather
Dial Luminous Purple
Size 46mm mm
Features Luminous
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