Furrer Jacot Textured Band With Diamond

TYPE: Bridal
DESIGNER: Furrer Jacot
ITEM #: 15756


Furrer Jacot's 6mm wide size 6.5, 18k yellow gold textured band gypsy set with a .04ct diamond.

Wedding bands similar to the stunning brushed Swiss made Furrer Jacot set have been worn to signify marriage by couples for many centuries starting originally in Europe. Depending on the local culture, the band is typically worn on the fourth finger on either the left or right hand. In ancient times, the Egyptians and the Romans shared the belief that a vein from the fourth finger lead directly to the heart. This is not the case, but this romantic practice was passed down and the fourth finger is now universally known as the ring finger. The circle has been thought to be a symbol of eternity with no beginning or end and signifying the unbroken promise of love and commitment.

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Brand Furrer Jacot
Style Ring
Material 18k Yellow Gold
Detail .04ct Diamond
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